filters for every application

When you choose to use TOTAL’s extensive range of products, you do not compromise on quality. You not only ensure that you’re treating vehicles with optimum care, but you’re also giving yourself options. TOTAL’s high-performance TOTAL and ELF brand ranges offer you just the right product. Products that provide performance. Why is TOTAL one of the most respected names on the market? Because we hold ourselves to high standards.

TOTAL is committed to intensive, continuous research and development to create products that:

  • protect against wear by reducing friction and corrosion
  • prevent engines from overheating
  • safeguard cylinder compression and maximize engine efficiency
  • ensure engines are clean by preventing the deposit of impurities
  • help reduce fuel consumption thereby cutting running costs
  • benefit the environment by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutant



Total is one of the few oil companies operating plants specializing in the production of greases. Total has a worldwide presence due to its plants based in many countries.
They rank among the best in the world today and are considered to be among the most modern. They are also environmentally friendly (the use of lead and other heavy metals is banned in our products) and discharge no harmful waste. A guarantee of a high-technology product. Substantial sums are invested every year in grease development research. The research laboratory uses the highest-performing equipment along with cutting-edge techniques. And lastly, laboratory and bench testing and constant contact with equipment manufacturers enable us to improve our greases constantly and anticipate future needs. A varied product offering to meet our customers’ different needs Incorrect product recommendation can have serious consequences. Although a modern multi-purpose grease of superior quality can meet the needs of almost 75% of applications requiring grease lubrication, the remaining 25% demand a large number of special greases.

filters for every application
SBF03PP020303BB GX2030XK GX3030 LX30-30 HC3310CPR30H LT30-30-A-4 SBF03PP030303BB GX3030ESV HC3310FGR30H HC3310FPR30H LT30-30-A-4-VITON MBP30M30N-TC-V  SBF04NN030303BB GX3030XK GX5030 LX30-50 GX5030ESV LT30-50-A-4-VITON MBP40M30N-TC-V GX5030XK GX7530 LX30-75 GX7530ESV HC3310FGG30H HC3310FPG30H  SBF04NN070303BB GX7530XK HC3310FPZ30H RX0136 RX0136XK RX0336 RX0336XK RX0536 RX0536XK RX1036 RX1036XK RX2036 RX2036XK RX3036 RX3036XK RX5036 RX5036XK RX7536  RX7536XK HC3310FGS40H SBF04NN010403BB GX0140 HC3310FPZ40H LT40-01-A-4 LT40-01-A-3V PXD010-40FVSF GX0140XK GX0340 GX0340ESV HC3310FPP40H GX0340XK GX0540 LX40-5 ARD5-40USM8 GX0540EH GX0540ESV HC3310FGN40H HC3310FPN40H LT40-5-A-4 SBF04NN005403BB GX0540XK GX1040 GX1040ESV HC3310FPD40H HC3310FPS40H MBC15M40ATCN  GX1040XK HC3310FPB40H LT40-120-A-4 GX2040 GX2040ESV HC3310FGT0H HC3310FPT40H SBF04NN020403BB GX2040XK GX3040 GX3040ESS HC3310FGR40H HC3310FPR40H MBC40M40ATCN  SBF04NN030403BB GX3040ESV GX3040XK GX5040 GX5040XK GX7540 GX7540ESV HC3310FGG40H HC3310FPG40H SBF04NN070403BB GX7540XK HC3310FGY40H HC3310FPY40H  SBF04NN090403BB MCY1002U220ZH13 CGW302S03 PXD005-20FESF FPN05-20-AAB PEG500B02DD 5592703P3 PEG120B03BA CFS307E CS51 EKF120BE1 EKF509E H1096 HYP9 E25.32 E26N SE1-3002-6 H15135P H15135PN H15135N SE1-3004-15 SE1-3005-6 E502.29 H31967 SE2-3006-6 SE2-3008-6 BT340/15PH SE2-3009-6 SE2-3012-6 SE1-3013-6 SE2-3014-6 DH191/6 E10WF02 E10WF022 H15190/1 SE1-3003-30 SE1-3003-30 SE2-3007-6 E25.32PT SE3-3001-10 852275 852275FIL5 CH56P E36.32PT ED614D32673 EF614L3 F246249 SE3-3000-10


filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applicationsv
filters for every applications