TOTAL quartz ineo ecs 5w30

Low SAPS synthetic technology motor oil especially designed for PEUGEOT and CITROËN engines. Its very high-tech performance generates Fuel Savings and optimises the way in which anti-pollution systems – such as Particulate Filters – operate.

Special second-generation Fuel Savings lubricant: can be used with all Diesel engines – older ones, as well as more recent ones and also suitable for use with most petrol engines.

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PSA : PSA B71 2290
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Product description
Maximises the efficiency of the Particulate Filter, preventing it from getting clogged up prematurely (contains 50% fewer metal components than a standard technology oil).

Fuel Savings of up to 6% at start-up, Fuel Savings of an average of 3% during mixed operation compared with an ACEA reference oil (tests carried out on a Citroën C4 1.6 HDi).

Respect for the environment: “ECS_Emission Control System”: lower CO2 emissions and other pollutants. As well as improving the efficiency of the Particulate Filter.

Optimum engine protection cleanliness: The detergent and specific dispersive additives provide the engine with optimum protection against wear and prevent the formation of soot and sludge deposits.