Premium quality full synthetic motor oil. Formulated for ultimate performance and protection under all operating conditions. Designed to fulfill the latest standards of leading engine manufacturers.

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HY 16107 HY 16108 HY 16109 HY 16110 HY 16111 HY 16112 HY 16113 HY 16115 HY 16120 HY 16121 HY 16122 HY 16123 HY 16124 HY 16125 HY 16126 HY 16127 HY 16128 HY 16129 HY 16130 HY 16131 HY 16135


Specially formulated for use in passenger cars and light trucks and vans with gasoline, diesel, and LPG engines.
Recommended by Valvoline for Ford engines demanding a Ford WSS-M2C913-D.
Backwards compatible with WSS-M2C913-C and WSS-M2C913-A/B motor oils.
For passenger cars and vans that need a motor oil with the worldwide spec, ACEA A5/B5 or ACEA A1/B1.
Suitable for engines running on mixtures of diesel fuel and bio fuel (MB Bio Oxidation Test).