Aquafilter offers RP75139715 7-Stage RO Filter System with pump, suitable for undersink POU (Point of use) installations. Through an accurate combination of pre-filtration, activated carbons, reverse osmosis, post-filtration, mineralization and negative ionization treatments, it ensures a continuous supply of clean, fresh, mineralized and energized drinking water.


5 micron-rating Sediment filter: FCPS5 (Stage 1)
Granular Activated Carbon filter: FCCA (Stage 2)
Block Activated Carbon filter: FCCBL (Stage 3)
Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane: TFC-75F (Stage 4)
Post Carbon filter: AICRO (Stage 5)
Mineralizer cartridge: AIMRO (Stage 6)
Negative Ion cartridge: AIFIR2000 (Stage 7)

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7 – Stage complete RO Filtration System-75 GPD with pump, mineralizer cartridge and negative ion cartridge