Eni Rotra Bike 80W-90 is a lubricant designed and developed for the lubrication requirements of motorcycle transmissions. The product has EP (Extreme Pressures) characteristics that make it suitable for use under particularly severe operating conditions.

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• The formulation of Eni Rotra Bike 80W-90 is characterized by high chemical stability and resistance to oxidative phenomena, as a result the product is capable of keeping both the bearings and the gear teeth in a good preservation status.
• Eni Rotra Bike 80W-90 provides excellent protection against corrosion of all the parts of the transmission. The product has viscosimetric characteristics that allow perfect lubrication of the transmission elements in all operating conditions.
• It is also recommended to use this product in transmissions for which the Manufacturers prescribe lubricants that meet a API GL-3 performance level.