Eni Multitech 15W-40 is a modern synthetic technology multifunctional lubricant, which can fulfill the lubrication requirents of all the components of the most modern agricultural machinery, construction equpment and earthmoving machinery.

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AF474KM AF476K AF476KM AF477K AF477KM AF478K AF478KM AF479 AF484 AF485 AF486K AF487 AF488 AF489K AF490M AF491 AF492 AF493 AF494 AF498 AF800 AF801 AF802 AF803 AF804M AF805K AF807K AF809K AF810K


• An accurate selection of the additives used into its formulation allows Eni Multitech 15W-40 to have optimal detergent/dispersant characteristics and an outstanding oxidation stability together with antiwear, antifoam and antistick/antisquawk properties for a marked brake noise reduction.
• The use of specifically selected base oils allows Eni Multitech 15W-40 to have a very high natural viscosity index, low pour point and appropriate viscosity characteristics throughout the whole range of operating temperatures and for all envisaged applications.
• Eni Multitech 15W-40 can be used in almost all components that are normally present in farm tractors and off-highway vehicles such as gasoline and diesel (also turbo-charged) engines, mechanical and hydrostatic transmissions, transfer cases and axles, as well as transmissions with ‘wet’ brakes, hydraulic systems and controls, mechanical and hydraulic power take-offs and air compressors. Not suitable in those applications where an API GL-5 performance is required.