Eni i-Sint tech G 5W-30 is a synthetic technology formula designed and manufactured to meet lubrication requirements for GM engines, requiring lubricants with long replacement intervals (LL – Long Life) in accordance with the specifications: GM-LL-A-025 or GM-LL-B-025.

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• The formulation of Eni i-Sint tech G 5W-30 is developed to ensure excellent performance in any engine operating condition.
• The product provides protection of the mechanical components of the engine against wear and formation of deposits.
• The performance of Eni i-Sint tech G 5W-30 allows long time use at high temperatures, minimizing degradation due to thermo-oxidative phenomena.
• The product is characterized by excellent fluidity at low ambient temperatures, which makes it easier to start-up the engine under such conditions.
• Eni i-Sint tech G 5W-30 is suitable for the lubrication of gasoline or diesel engines of cars or light duty commercial vehicles.