Eni i-Sigma top MS 5W-30 is a latest generation high-performance top synthetic technology oil suitable for lubrication of diesel engines of commercial vehicles equipped with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems and previous engines, operating under severe conditions.

It allows the maximum oil change intervals foreseen by the manufacturers, it has very high fuel economy characteristics and facilitates engine startup in cold weather.

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SAO 58600 SAO 58602 SAO 58610 SAO 58620 SAO 58630 SAO 58632 SAO 58636 SAO 58640 SAO 58650 SAO 58652 SAO 58660 SAO 58690 SAO 58700 SAO 58710 SAO 58720 SAO 58730 SAO 58740 SAO 58750 SAO 58760


• It is an engine oil that responds to the most sever performance levels required for heavy traction, the result of a combination of a special synthetic formulation and new ‘low SAPS’ additive technology.
• To ensure the effectiveness and durability of post-treatment systems, the lubricant formulation must not contain products which may have a negative impact and therefore the content of certain components (Sulphated Ashes, Phosphorus, Sulfur) must be controlled. From this point of view, it adopts an innovative formulation technology precisely in compliance with the chemical limits imposed by international specifications and manufacturers.
• ‘Fuel efficiency’ allows greater fuel savings than conventional lubricants. Engine life and efficiency are ensured by the high wear protection (bore-polishing), high detergency and low evaporation losses.
• The very high technological quality of the synthetic bases used and its particularly innovative formulation guarantee excellent cold starts.
• It has demonstrated excellent anti-wear properties in the tests required by the manufacturers and by ACEA, in particular minimizing wear on the cylinders (bore polishing), elastic bands, valves, etc. All metallic surfaces are effectively protected against wear and corrosion by ensuring and maintaining the maximum engine efficiency over time, allowing extended change and maintenance intervals.