Special concentrated additive designed to enhance fuel efficiency by increasing engine performance.

Increases octane number of petrol (antiknock)

It allows for more controlled and uniform combustion.

Reduces the fires and the pre-ignition effect.

Increases engine performance.

BSF / OB is a professional product specially designed for racing engines with a high compression ratio.


HY 11959 HY 11960 HY 11961 HY 11962 HY 11963 HY 11964 HY 11965 HY 11966 HY 11967 HY 11968 HY 11969 HY 11970 HY 11973 HY 11974 HY 11975 HY 11976 HY 11977 HY 11978 HY 11978-V HY 11979 HY 11981



Depending on the desired performance, mix with gasoline in a ratio of 3-5: 1000.

Octane growth depends on the type of gasoline.



The product is sensitive to light, to avoid exposure to sunlight and air.