Axle oil blended with synthetic technology for Limited Slip Axles of trucks, buses and other vehicles. EP axle oil is suitable for differentials where the manufacturer specifies GL-5 LS lubricant.
Valvoline Heavy Duty Axle Oil 75W-90 LS is recommended for virtually all limited slip differentials where an SAE 75W-90 hypoid oil with adjusted slip properties is required. The product provides excellent protection and lubrication of the limited slip differential over a wide temperature range.

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HY 9498 HY 9499 HY 9502 HY 9508 HY 9510 HY 9512 HY 9513 HY 9514 HY 9516 HY 9517 HY 9520 HY 9523 HY 9524 HY 9525 HY 9526 HY 9528 HY 9529 HY 9530 HY 9530/1 HY 9530/3 HY 9530/4 HY 9530/6 HY 9530/7