The heart of your engine is its fuel injection equipment and the major enemy of this equipment is poor quality fuel.
From extensive research and testing, CLARCOR found that variations in fuel quality around the world can adversely affect today’s precision fuel injection systems.
Poor quality fuel can cause performance issues, premature wear, gumming of components, and plugged filters.
To resolve these issues and to provide protection of the fuel injection system, CLARCOR offers a variety of diesel and gasoline additives for every application and operating condition.

Stanadyne brand diesel fuel additives are the only ones in the world that are:

  • Developed by a fuel injection systems manufacturer
  • Tested and approved by major engine and vehicle manufacturers
  • Proven to perform best in independent tests

Virtually for every engine application big or small:


Stanadyne fuel additives protect and improve the performance of all fuel injection systems including:

  • High pressure common rail
  • Unit injectors
  • Rotary distribution pumps
  • In-line pumps
  • Multi-Port Injection
  • Gasoline Direct Injection
  • Carburetor

Stanadyne fuel additives comply with federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines. All of Standyne Fuel Additives meet all engine fuel system requirements and will not harm exhaust aftertreatment systems such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems.

filters for every applications


Stanadyne Performance Formula® protects your diesel engine and restores engine performance.
The detergency and cetane improver in Performance Formula will help restore fuel economy, increase horsepower and torque.

Restores/Increase Horsepower – detergents clean deposits in the injection system resulting in improved combustion, better acceleration, power, and torque
Reduces Fuel Consumption – independent tests show an average of 4% improvement in MPG and gains up to 9.6%
Cetane Improver – improves combustion resulting in better engine starting, smooth running, and reduced engine noise
Meets all engine fuel system requirements and will not harm exhaust aftertreatment systems
Reduces Emissions – reduces Smoke and Particulates

Cleans and Protects – detergents and deposit modifiers help protect injection pumps, injectors, nozzles, etc.
Reduces Wear – lubricity improvers restore lubricity to ultra low sulfur and other low lubricity diesel fuels
Stabilizes Fuel – keeps fuel fresher and protects against formations of gums caused by oxidation
Cold Weather Protection – improves diesel pour point up to 40°F (22°C), and cold filter plug point by up to 25°F (13°C), depending on base fuel
Corrosion Preventative– Corrosion inhibiters will protect the fuel system from rust and corrosion
Helps Remove Water – special demulsifiers cause tiny water droplets to come out of suspension/emulsion, so the filter/separator can more effectively remove water
Contains No Alcohol – avoids corrosion and accelerated wear
Specially Formulated for use with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel
Can be used with Bio Diesel Fuel up to B20 (20% bio content approved ) – increased water separation shown in bio content up to B20


Statement of Performance
All Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives are for low and ultra low sulfur diesel and distillate fuels and are used in various markets worldwide. The chemistry used in our fuel additives have been in continuous use for many years without any reported issues to the vehicles fuel system or any known harm to engine parts and materials. Many years of extensive field performance and no-harm experience with our fuel additives confirm that there are no performance issues related to our fuel additives.

The chemicals used in our diesel fuel additives have been in use with the latest modern diesel fuel injectors and fuel pump technologies. Our diesel fuel additives do not contain ash, metals or halogens and are compatible with emission after-treatment control systems such as DOC – Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, DPF –
Diesel Particulate Filter, and SCR – Selective Catalytic Reduction.

filters for every applications

Our multifunctional fuel additives are also compatible with other commonly used refinery diesel fuel additives such as demulsifiers, cold flow modifiers, lubricity improvers, deicers, cetane improvers, detergents, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors as well as a wide variety of diesel fuel blend stocks.

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filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applicationsv