ALCO produces filters for cars, trucks, earth moving equipment and stationary engines. The range covers more than 3500 different types of filters with more than 100 new types added yearly.

ALCO Filters is a trusted name in more than 66 countries throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East and has four large distribution facilities in the UK, Germany, Greece and Cyprus ensuring fast and efficient delivery.

The size of the company may have grown beyond recognition but the basic philosophy remains the same – to provide our customers with quality goods and services that will enable them to create wealth and prosperity for themselves.

Advanced filter technology and the latest developments in production machinery are important features in the manufacture of a reliable and cost – effective product. We also believe that people are the Company’s most important asset. Production units are small and flexible with each section producing a group of filters and each member of staff trained in every aspect of the manufacturing process. Every one of our employees is fully involved and interested in the finishing product.
As a result, staff turn – over is low whilst performance is consistently high – and that’s what shows in the end product. We can create a better product for our customers because we manufacture our filters from basic raw materials instead of prefabricated components. This gives us maximum control over the quality and uniformity of the finished product. It also means we can select raw materials that reduce waste and save energy, in keeping with our Company’s commitment for respect to the environment.

Quality Policy is implemented through a detailed quality system, which is in conformance with the requirements of ISO 9001 – 2008. To achieve our aim we:

We pledge to work closely with our customers identifying their needs and providing them with goods and services that will enable them to create wealth and prosperity for themselves.

We treat our suppliers as our partners. They are involved in the process of quality improvement making certain our demanding requirements and exchanging technical know-how.

People are our most important asset. We therefore involve them in the decision making process, asking their advice and recognising their contribution. Knowledge is continually improved with consistent training sessions.

Through the setting and measure of key performance indicators, the company facilitates the continual improvement for the organisation’s future success.

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Polluted Air Harmful To Health

Due to the significant increase of global traffic and the inevitable worsening of pollution levels, we are exposed to many pollutants which enter the interior of the vehicles through the air conditioning and heating systems.

The polluted air contains large quantities of dust, pollen, soot and other particles, as well as gases which are harmful to health. A high concentration of pollutants in the air can lead to fatigue, headaches, nausea and allergic reactions. Filters that have not been replaced in time can also cause poor visibility inside the car due to misted-up windows increasing the risk of accidents.

Cabin filters have been developed in the last decade and nowadays most cars are fitted with them. The main purpose is to clean the polluted air that enters into the interior of the car thus ensuring a better atmosphere inside the car.


To address the needs of consumers with respect to pollution, ALCO has developed a wide range of more than 300 filters applicable for cars, vans and trucks.

The range of cabin filters is continuously extended with additions of new part numbers applicable for new cars that enter into the market. A cabin filter catalogue is issued annually with the following information:
Applications and cross-references
Dimensions and filter photo
General location diagrams for assisting the person that replaces the filter
All catalogue information is also available online at ALCO Catalogue HERE

ALCO recommends changing the cabin filter every 15000Km- or at least once a year ensuring clean air in the interior of the vehicle. Regular filter replacement of the filters can also extend the useful lifetime of ventilation and air conditioning systems.


ALCO uses multilayered synthetic media, able to repel moisture and to trap harmful particles down to 0.3micron. For additional filtering requirements cabin air filters with activated carbon keep harmful exhaust fumes, dirt and dust as well as high ozone concentrations and unpleasant smells outside the car cabin.

ALCO cabin filters use non-woven materials that are natural and free of chemical impregnation and odours
Currently there are two types of cabin filters:

Pollen Filters: To effectively protect against dust, pollen, soot and other dirt particles
Active Carbon Filters: For added protection against unpleasant odours, smells and harmful gases.


Advanced filter technology and the latest development in production machinery are used for the manufacturing of cabin filters.

The filter media is firstly unwound from its roll and fed through a material buffer which ensures an uninterrupted operation also when changing the material roll. In the next step, the material is pleated by a High Speed blade Pleater and gets a thermal conditioning which takes out the mechanical tensions from the material and prepares the pleat for the next production steps. Following, the pleats enter the pitching unit which has been preset to the desired filter width and pleat pitch.

Then, the pleats are locked into position as long as their longitudinal sides have been glued with side stripes. For this purpose, the production line features two unwinders for the side stripes, a hot-melt unit for applying hot-melt to the stripes as well as an edge pressing mechanism for gently pressing the stripes onto the sides of the locked pleats. Afterwards, the glued sides are cooled down while forwarding the filter pack into an automatic cross cutter for cutting the pack into elements of desired length. Finally, the filter elements are forwarded by a conveyor belt for printing and packaging. – All mentioned production steps take place without intervention of an operator.

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Clean Fuel Supply Is Essential For A Well Permorming Engine

The need for clean fuel supply that is free of impurities is a well-established necessity for internal combustion engines. Almost certainly, fuel that ends-up in the combustion chamber is contaminated with dirt particles such as dust, liquid droplets, pollen and rust from the storage tank of the vehicle.

Even when refuelling at the gas station, a number of impurities end up in the fuel tank of the vehicle depending on the cleanliness of the purchased fuel and the condition of the station’s storage tanks.

Impurities in the fuel line can clog critical parts of the engine, such as the injectors, the carburettor and the fuel pump. Particularly in modern systems such as common rail and pump injection, impurities in the fuel may also cause serious damage due to corrosion, resulting in malfunctioning of the whole system. As a result, wears in the system can lead to considerable increase in fuel consumption and impaired engine performance. It is therefore essential that for reliable protection and avoidance of costly repairs all engines are equipped with a well performing fuel filter.

ALCO has established itself by providing fuel filters of exceptional quality. With ALCO filters you can be rest-assured that your engine is well protected against premature wear, and that your investment is protected for years to come.


ALCO manufactures and supplies an extensive range of more than 500 fuel filters with many new filters added each year, that fit passenger cars, vans, trucks and several industrial applications (such as engines for generators, compressors, etc). Our line includes many of the popular categories, such as Spin-on filters (standard version, water drain plug), Replacement metal Cartridges, Ecological metal-free elements, inline filters (metal, plastic), and many others.

The range of fuel filters is continuously extended with additions of new filters to cover the introduction of new vehicles in the market. All catalogue information can be found online at or through the printed catalogues that are issued annually or even through Tecdoc the leading supplier of electronic spare parts information.


ALCO utilizes only top quality raw materials and long lasting components that are established in the market for their durability, reliability and excellent filtering properties. Our fuel filters are carefully fabricated using the latest technological developments in the field, thus ensuring the quality of the finished product that we provide to our customers.

ALCO fuel filters have higher filtering efficiencies compared to most conventional fuel filters sold in the market that typically utilize simple single-stage treated paper media for filtration. Our filters go beyond such minimum requirements by comprising, as a standard, of top-grade pleated filter media that are perfectly matched to specific applications with regard to particle and water separation and service life.

Recent developments in the automotive industry in regards to sophisticated gasoline and diesel injection systems call for higher filtration efficiencies and extended service life. To satisfy these demands, ALCO provides the most suitable solutions using a multitude of media such as cellulose carrier medium with a melt-blown layer, and multilayer / multigrade media. These have proved to have excellent particle and water retention abilities even for very fine particles giving supreme protection to the engine.


ALCO employees the latest machinery technological advancement. The combination of the input from our skilled staff and the pinpoint precision of our automated production equipment reflect the high quality craftsmanship we put in the finished product.

Our filter media always receive the necessary pre and post treatment and allowed to cure sufficiently so that their surface absorption capabilities are enhanced. Uniform pleating and thermal conditioning of certain media improve capture efficiencies and help the media to maintain their structural integrity even during overloading with minimal rupture risks. Furthermore, all associated interior and exterior components, such as housings, end caps, drains, sealing parts, and others are carefully crafted to ensure that the filtering media perform as intended and that their performance is not compromised during engine operation.

All filter media and associated components are processed and assembled in-house which gives us more control over the quality of the finished product. Furthermore, strict quality control procedures that apply to every step of the manufacturing process together with laboratory testing ensure a consistent quality for all filters that leave our facility.

filters for every applications

Indispensable Protection For The Engine

Automotive experts agree that engine dirt is the number one cause of engine wear and failure. Dirt particles that originate from the operation of the engine are extremely abrasive.

They consist of airborne dust, soot and other particulates drawn in through the air intake, microscopic metallic particles generated inside the engine through friction, as well as contaminants due to oil degradation. These particles are carried by the oil through clearances between the various moving parts of the engine and they cause wear by grinding surfaces, altering clearances and generating more abrasive fragments. As this cycle continues, precision components become more and more fatigued until they fail altogether. Therefore, constant and uninterrupted lubrication in conjunction with filtration is of utmost importance for the proper operation of all internal combustion engines.

Good filtration is the key to preventing failure and costly repairs caused by engine dirt. Oil filters help by purifying the circulating oil from dirt thus maintaining a cleaner engine, and this in turn helps to preserve engine life and performance.


ALCO’s line of oil filters includes more than 600 different filter types with many new filters added every year. Our comprehensive range includes the Spin-On, Ecological metal-free element and Cartridge filter categories.

Spin-On oil filters is a combination of a filter element and a metallic housing whereas the following can be integrated:

Relied Valve: It is situated on the bottom end cap of the filter element inside the metallic housing and ensures that it releases the overpressure that could be created in the housing resulting from cold starts (high oil viscosity due to low temperatures). One other reason for the relief valve to open is the contamination of the filter media from dirt due to late service intervals.

Antidrain Valve / Rubber Diaphragment: Due to the position of the filter on the engine block the anti-drain valve ensures that the filter remains full with oil ensuring that is going to be readily available once the engine re-starts operating.

Oil filter elements are separated into metallic and non-metallic elements:

Metallic elements are mainly used for older type vehicles where the housing is not replaced thus the environmental impact is low as only the element is changed.
Ecological elements are mainly used to newer developed vehicles where the filter construction is free of any metallic components

ALCO catalogue includes vehicle applications, product guide and cross-references which can be found in the online catalogue at Product Catalogue Download or in the annual printed catalogues and CD-Rom catalogues.


ALCO oil filters are manufactured exclusively from selected raw materials such as durable paper media, rustproof metal and long-lasting plastic and rubber sealants, which pass through strict quality control inspections before the manufacturing process. Our testing engineers carefully select these materials through rigorous tests, exhaustive market research and customer feedback to assure the quality of the finished product.

The filtering capability of the paper is without doubt the single most important feature of any oil filter. ALCO utilizes high spec filter media with sub-micron porosity that has excellent capturing characteristics, such as the ability to filter out very fine dirt particles from the oil stream. ALCO oil filters are specifically designed to target-out the primary engine wear particles, which range from 5 to 25 microns with efficiencies of up to 99%.

The newest technological implication involves the use of long-life filter media with special resin binding treatments that prolong the life of the filter. This development is intended for vehicles with extended oil change intervals due to the introduction of fully-synthetic lubricants.


ALCO employs both traditional and advanced methods for the manufacture of oil filters. All associated manufacturing steps, from the introduction of raw materials to the completion of the filters are undertaken in-house which bestows full control over the finished product and assures its quality.

ALCO combines a number of factors to ensure the quality of its oil filters during production. From the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, to the technical expertise and experienced staff, we take pride in knowing that we have full competence to manufacture superior quality oil filters.

The process begins by inspecting all raw materials to ensure they conform to our standards. Then the materials are forwarded to the corresponding flexible manufacturing cells for specific processes such as canister drawing, forming of internal components, paper pleating and curing, canister treatment, powder painting and curing, and ultimately assembling.

Rigorous visual and laboratory testing inspections are performed at every stage of the manufacturing process according to our quality procedures to ensure our filters are free of any defect before they leave our facility. At the same time, we strive to perform all our activities by abiding to established health, safety and environmental regulations as our commitment to the people we employ and our respect for the environment.

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Clean Air Equals Better Combustion

Air filters are very important components for all internal combustion engines. Their purpose is to filter out airborne particulates such as dust, pollen, soot, mist and others before they reach the engine.

Cleaner air in the combustible mixture (gasoline or diesel and air) provides for more efficient combustion and protection of critical engine components such as valves, injectors and sensitive electronic controls.

Contaminated air on the other hand can slowly impair the performance of an engine. Particles taken in by the engine’s fresh-air inlet can damage the metallic interior surfaces of the engine by forming grooves due to friction, and can cause premature wear and eventually failure. It is therefore imperative that all engines regardless of type or function are always equipped with a clean and well-performing air filter.

Air Filters
To cover market demand, ALCO maintains an impressive stock range of more than 1500 different air filters, with many new filters added each year.
ALCO air filter range is continuously expanded with additions of new part numbers of vehicles that are introduced into the market each year covering applications for passenger cars, vans, trucks and stationary engines.

Detailed information concerning the air filter range is available at our Branding website or through the printed catalogues that are issued annually. The following information is available:
Applications and Cross references
Dimension and Filter photo
Air filter lists sorted by height
High Spec Filter Media and Components

The secret of getting the most from an air filter lies in the selection of raw materials. ALCO utilizes only the best materials that are available in the international market.
ALCO filters are constructed of sturdy filtering media with high particle retention efficiencies and dust holding capacity that are intended to meet or surpass the most stringent requirements for endurance and uninterrupted air flow.
High spec filter media in combination with unique pleating techniques using special corrugation on pleated media aim at utilizing the maximum possible available surface area of the filter for enhanced filtration capacity.


Advanced filter technology and the latest development in production machinery and assembly are employed for the manufacture of air filters. ALCO manufacturing approach includes pleating methods aimed at utilizing the maximum possible available surface area of the filter for enhanced filtration capacity. The careful fabrication of sealing media guarantees no particle escape through the connections (that could end-up in the engine). Furthermore, the element frames, woven wires and unit cores that shape-up the filters provide for added sturdiness against higher air flows, as well as damage from manual handling during service.

All ALCO air filters are thermally-conditioned and impregnated with a treatment media so that the filter surfaces achieve the right consistency and treatment for maximum efficiency. The majority of production steps take place without the intervention of an operator, thus minimizing the human error factor. Conclusively, quality inspections are performed at every step of the manufacturing process according to our ISO 9001:2008 quality procedures to ensure the product that leaves our facility is free of any defect and up to our standards.

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filters for every application


filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applications
filters for every applications